NAP6: Perioperative Anaphylaxis

NAP6 Launch Event

What is NAP6?

NAP6 is collecting comprehensive information concerning perioperative anaphylactic events, enabling the anaesthetic and allergy communities to collaborate in order to make recommendations for the improvement of the quality of patient care.


Perioperative Anaphylaxis is rare, however it can be life-threatening and lead to serious complications whose epidemiology and clinical impact are incompletely defined.

Following the excellent engagement from NHS hospitals with NAP4 and NAP5, we are pleased to report that 100% of all UK NHS hospitals are now registered to take part in NAP6.

Prof Tim Cook, College Advisor for NAPs, explained the selection process for this topic in the November 2013 edition of the RCoA Bulletin. This can be downloaded from the RCoA website here.

Prof Nigel Harper is the Clinical Lead for NAP6.


Local Coordinators led the NAP6 Baseline Survey in November 2015. The year-long data collection window opened on 5 November 2015 and closed on 5 November 2016. An Allergen survey was carried out in October 2016.

All cases that occured within the reporting window should be reported to NAP6, but not cases that occurred before or beyond that point.

Important Notice

Data collection for NAP6 is now CLOSED.

For any NAP6 related queries, please email